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Updated: Jan 15, 2020

By Kat Ramirez

Live Streaming with Kat

Lead By Example!


Are you asking people to do things?

Are you frustrated that they are not doing it right or the way you want it done?

How are you asking your people to get the task done?

As a Sales Manager in my old days the biggest complaint I got was don't just tell me what to do can you please show me.

We grow through the ranks and we forget what it is like to be in the frontlines and that your team needs your guidance, support, and direction to get things done efficiently and effectively.

Are you leading by Example?

Are you actually doing the task that needs to be done so they see you can do?

Are you just barking orders?

Tune in to learn more about Leading By Example.

Hope to see you at my next Live Broadcast so you can learn more!

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