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How to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

LinkedIn is the most important and effective social media platform for business professionals. A study shows that 80% of B2B potential leads come from this popular social media known as “LinkedIn”. LinkedIn is the place where you have the opportunity to expose your skills, strengths and professionalism. Whether you are a rising star or a director, or manager, or an executive, LinkedIn offers you to expose your area of expertise. You created an awesome profile. But the thing is, if you are not getting a good amount of views on your LinkedIn profile and posts, you are missing out potential business opportunities and leads.

Don’t worry if your audience isn’t engaging on LinkedIn. There’re some ways and tricks to boost your LinkedIn profile and posts views and opportunities to create better engagement. So, let’s see the 10 must-do guidelines and tips and tricks to improve your LinkedIn profile views.

How to Get More LinkedIn Views

Trust me, in order to get more LinkedIn views, investing a little time (an hour or so) on your profile is enough. There are some certain key elements of LinkedIn profile which have big impact on more views and create engaging audience if you care to update them frequently.

1. Keep Your Profile Up-to-date

The first and foremost important factor is to keep your profile up to date. In our busy lives, we tend to forget to keep our LinkedIn profile updated. An up to date LinkedIn profile helps you to explore new opportunities every day. If you leave your profile with outdated information, that’s not gonna create good impressions to other users. So eventually, you will lose profile views and LinkedIn connections.

2. Upload a Professional headshot

The first important thing on your LinkedIn profile is your photo. Always use a clear, crisp, professional recent photo for your LinkedIn page. Never use too old or blurry, distractive photos. Never leave your profile photo blank. A report of LinkedIn shows that users with profile photos receive 20x more profile views. So, it is important to use a professional headshot. Remember one thing if you wanna get more views: LinkedIn is for professionals. So, “Reveal Yourself, Make Yourself Bold” on LinkedIn.

3. Create a Professional Headlines

The LinkedIn headline, shows right below your profile photo, is an ultimate place to temp people to click on your profile. Basically, this is the place where you tell others on LinkedIn who you are, what are you capable of and why someone needs to connect you? As it is important, so use hard-hitting keywords or phrases to target your audience. This is the place where you should use your current job position and company name. Many users also use their expertise or professional skills along with their designation.

N.B: Another important thing is to update your location and organization or industry or company.

4. Brand Your Profile With a Background Photo

“Personality is everything”. You might familiar with this quote. Yes, it is true. So, to make you bold, more professional, give your LinkedIn profile more personality or branding too! I suggest you to create visually appealing background image to enhance your branding. If you want to do that, just want to let you know the recommended resolution is 1400px x 425px.

5. Craft an Awesome Summary

The summary is the opportunity to draw someone’s attention to you. This is where you should highlight your career experience, specialties, area of expertise, noteworthy accolades, and thought leadership. Many experts advise writing the summary in the first person using the conversational style. This is where you describe your most relevant details and your future aim too. Remember, the summary should be narrative. So, do not just copy and paste information from your resume.

N.B: Choose easier words to craft your summary. Avoid all typos at all costs. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes, typos and misspellings in your summary.

6. Make LinkedIn URL User-friendly

There is a factor in SEO term, which is called user-friendly URL. Which means, make the post URL easier to read. So, search engines can easily crawl and index the post URL. After finishing set up your profile, LinkedIn assigned you a custom URL, which may contain name, letters and number. I suggest you to change the URL and make it more reader-friendly. Like https://www.linkedin.com/in/katherineramirez/

7. Post Status Updates and Articles Frequently

Publish some great content frequently. Create great share-worthy content and post it on your LinkedIn profile. Be active on your LinkedIn account. I suggest you to post something recent and trending stories often. In addition, when you publish your personal knowledge or experience or own point of view, you actually start to attract the attention of people who connect with your message.

Moreover, If you have a blog or business website on other platforms, I advise you to share the links of those posts on LinkedIn too. Posting content on a regular basis helps you to expose your skills better. If you have more free time, I suggest you to invest your free time on your LinkedIn profile. Post to LinkedIn multiple times per day for better engagement.

8. Join Available Groups & Communities

Groups and communities are the best ways to make yourself visible and connected to hundreds or thousands of people once. By sharing your content, commenting and sharing others' contents in groups you can expand your connections easily.

9. Get Featured on Channels

If you want to get featured on channels, LinkedIn Pulse can help you. LinkedIn Pulse has 100+ individual channels. The channels are for Leadership & Management, Big Ideas & Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Economy, Business and Finance and Social Media. LinkedIn Pulse can get your content or post featured in any channels to connect a massive audience. Honestly, LinkedIn Pulse Channels can get you millions of followers.

10. Promote Your LinkedIn Page

According to LinkedIn, you can’t have more than 25k connections on LinkedIn. But there is no limit on how many followers you can have. So, if you want to gain more followers, you can promote your LinkedIn page. Promoting LinkedIn profile from Twitter can amplify your LinkedIn presence.



Getting more views on LinkedIn profile is not a big deal. You have to just make sure people will find the latest and updated information about you and your accomplishments by updating your LinkedIn profile regularly.

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