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Start Growing Your Marketing Business Today!

30 Years' Sales, Advertising and Marketing Experience to Help Your Business Stand out & Grow! 

Marketing Mentorship Program

Kat is a training manager with over 30 years of experience training hundreds of marketing professionals all over the US.  She has two successful companies as well as a proven record of Consistent Growth and Success. She will coach and train you to be a top-performing Marketing Consultant to meet all your business goals and needs. Only serious inquiries accepted we only want individuals who are willing to invest in their personal and business growth & success.

I will hold you Accountable!


30 Years of Experience!

Kat Ramirez provides the training you need to support and grow your business with proven sales, marketing, and advertising tactics, procedures, and skillsets to get you back on a successful and winning track. Sign up today to grow your marketing consultant business. 

You Have 2 Options:


You have a limited budget for mentorship

You are willing to invest in your business to help it Grow & Succeed.


Join Kat's Marketing Consulting Group to learn tips and tools that will help you grow your business. Ask questions, give advice or just network with other Marketing Consultants. 


Why Join Us


There are over 30 Million Small Businesses in the US!

There are over 570,000 New Businesses Every Month!

Over 50% of Businesses Will Fail Within 1 Year!

Over 95% of Businesses Will Fail Within 5 Years!

Over 80% of Businesses Don't advertise at ALL! 


Whitelabel Marketing Services

We Got Your Back!

We offer White Label programs to help your business grow. We have lots of marketing programs that will allow you to have more revenue streams. Book your free consultation today to learn more.

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We want to help you grow your marketing consulting business. 

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