30 Years' Sales, Advertising and Marketing Experience to Help Your Business Stand out & Grow! 

Marketing Training Program

30 Years of Experience!

Kat Ramirez provides the training for you, your marketing team or whoever is in need of training and support to grow their business with effective marketing and advertising tips and skills. Sign up today to join over 3,000 members who have used Kat's training to grow their business or their brand. 

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Kat Offers a Marketing & Advertising Powerhouse Training Program!

"When you choose to work with Kat, you join forces with the most dynamic advertising agency in the US."


Kat training program is the only marketing training program available to anyone. adBidtise is a full-service advertising agency that supports businesses anywhere in the United States.

In 2014, Kat began her evolution into helping businesses grow with her marketing training program, which supports anyone wanting to grow their business. Kat has cultivated a consultant-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that coaches and mentors members who want to meet their goals.

More so than ever before, Businesses are turning to Kat for the leadership, education, coaching, training, mentoring and growth opportunities that are redefining their marketing knowledge and powering their business toward new heights.

We train and support you and your business for success. We provide the Mentoring, Marketing Coaching, Support Team, Expert Knowledge and Leadership Training. 

The Kat Difference

Kat CEO and Founder of adBidtise stands out from all other advertising agencies in many ways, yet there are key areas that define us as an industry innovator and leader. 


We train and support you for success. We provide the Training, Marketing Materials, Support Team, Expert Knowledge and Leadership. 


The Kat Difference - We Provide You The Formula for Success!


Support Team

Wealth building

Kat educates businesses about sales, advertising & marketing, we hold Business owners hand and walk them through the advertising & marketing process so they understand it and have the confidence they need to invest in the BEST advertising & marketing programs that FIT their business NEEDS so they can make the best advertising investment decision. 

What We Do for Businesses that makes us Different:


  • We take the Guessing or Hoping Out of Advertising 

  • We Advocate for Businesses 

  • We Represent Businesses 

  • We Teach You about the Options available to you

  • We Always have each Business best interest first

  • We SAVE Businesses MONEY!

  • We Help Businesses Grow 

  • We FIGHT for Businesses! 

  • We Have Your Back!


Why Join Us


There are over 28 Million Small Businesses in the US!

There are over 540,000 New Businesses Every Month!

Over 50% of Businesses Will Fail Within 1 Year!

Over 95% of Businesses Will Fail Within 5 Years!

Over 80% of Businesses Don't advertise at ALL! 


In The News!

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How Our Program Works?


We train and support you and your business for success. We provide the Mentoring, Training, Marketing Materials, Support Team, Expert Knowledge and Guidance for your success. 



The training we Provide for you:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • Google AdWords Strategies

  • LinkedIn Strategies

  • Social Media Management

  • Social Media Ad Placement

  • Television Negotiation

  • Radio Negotiation

  • Effective Digital Advertising

  • Effective Graphic Design

  • Content Writing Strategies

  • Email Marketing Strategies

  • Event Marketing Strategies

  • Video Production - Blue Print

  • Website CTA Strategies

  • And so much more!


What do You Bring to The Table?


You have an entrepreneurial attitude, willingness to succeed, desire to win and grow, and increase your revenue.


There is a $75 per month membership fee to get all the training, materials you need, branding materials and support Team to help you succeed.

You can cancel anytime!


Just apply to this Training Program for us to begin!


You Got This!


The only one preventing you from Succeeding is YOU! You are your biggest obstacle preventing you from doing the things to take you to the next level.


You have to invest in yourself for you to WIN! Athletes train year-round to perfect their game. You are NOT any different, you have to invest in yourself to perfect your game!

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Benefits When You Join the Marketing Training Program:

  • Marketing Training and Support

  • Monthly One on One with Kat

  • Monthly Group Webinar Training

  • Weekly Marketing Tips

  • Over 30 Years of Expert Knowledge

  • Case Studies from other businesses

  • Guest Speakers

  • And Lots more!


Again, In Case You Missed It - We Provide You The formula for Success.

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In Case You Missed It - We Provide You The Formula for Your Business Success!


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