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Corporate Sales Training Program


world-class sales team starts with Kat Ramirez

The Problem:

Did you know that 64% of first-year sales reps miss their quotas? That’s a big part of why 80% of companies fall short of their annual revenue targets and is usually caused by lack of proper training and poor leadership. Many companies do not have access to resources that could help them not only improve their sales teams, but their companies as a whole.

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Our Solution:

As the #1 Sales Trainer in the world, Kat will provide your team with impactful training, motivational leadership, and more. Kat’s customizable training program is tailored to your team’s specific needs and will help your team exceed all sales goals and expectations.

With over 30 years of experience, Kat has generated over $500 million in sales and has trained more sales professionals than every other so-called “sales guru”. Her interactive Sales Development training program has been the linchpin of successful companies' salesforces nationally and now it can be available to your team. Apply now to speak with one of our in-house experts to learn more about what the Sales Development Training Program can do for you or your team.

Kat has spent decades working with top experts in business, psychology, and education to build the most effective, easy-to-implement sales training program.

Apply now to speak with Kat to learn more about what the Sales Development Training Program can do for you or your team.”

Software Programmer

Increase your closing rate by 2x or more in 30 days

Cut your sales cycle by 50% in 30 days

Generate a wealth of referrals and upsells

Create the perfect sales script

Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Team


  • Sales Training Certification

  • Script Builder

  • CRM Manager Reporting

  • Complete Rebuttals Training

  • Monthly Interactive Coaching & Q&A

  • Private Social Network

  • Bonus Support Material

  • Kick-Off with Kat Ramirez


$1,500 a Month - 6 Month Commitment Min. This is a Group Training Session. Need min of 5 people to Begin.

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