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Marketing Director

Chief Marketing Officer

Interim Marketing Specialist

A Fractional CMO is a marketing leader who oversees in-house marketing personnel and/or teams of subcontractors to implement strategic marketing plans. They work on a part-time basis and can help create long-term growth and in-house marketing programs over time.


Over 30 years of experience. A custom strategy is built based on deep experience, to get your company from where you are to where you want to be.


Our tightly-knit marketing recommendations will execute quickly and efficiently across various digital marketing disciplines & platforms.


Generated insights help refine and evolve the marketing strategy for maximum impact. Your leadership team is given granular reporting and data-driven insights.

Whitelabel Marketing Services?

We Got Your Back!

We offer White Label programs to help your business grow. We have lots of marketing programs that will allow you to have more revenue streams. Book your free consultation today to learn more.

"Marketing is about reminding your future customers when and why to shop you over and over."

-Kat Ramirez

We have programs available for your business to fit your business needs for your goals. 

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Proven Sales and Closing Techniques to Help Your Business Grow! We help companies get more clients and deliver sales, advertising & marketing solutions that Work!

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Hyper Connections

Hyper Engagement

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DIY LinkedIn Mastery


Marketing Mentor

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Group LinkedIn Training

Learn how to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn - 90 Minute One on One Training with Kat Ramirez.

Looking to Grow Your Marketing Consulting Business - Take this training to get you to the next level to grow your agency with Kat Ramirez.

Learn how to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn and drive traffic and leads to your inbox. Team Training Remote or via Zoom with Kat. Expert Linkedin Trainer