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Proven Sales and Closing Techniques to Help Your Business Grow! Kat helps companies get more clients and deliver sales, advertising & marketing solutions that Work!

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Proven Sales and Closing Techniques to Help Your Business Grow! We help companies get more clients and increase your revenue. Learn how to grow your business today!


Receive training for all your sales and marketing success from an expert with over 30 years of experience!



We provide you lots of solutions and a team of experts to support your business growth and success.

Grow your business with solid tips and techniques that are proven to drive traffic to your business.

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Not sure how to get started with Social Media Marketing? Take this free training webinar to learn how to get started, how to drive traffic to your store or website and how to Stand Out from the competition and Grow your business. 

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Learn from one of the Best Training Leaders in Sales & Marketing "Kat Ramirez." She will teach you her proven 3 Step Closing technique.  She will teach you how to prospect to WIN and how to increase your revenue. You will also learn how to find your best target audience, how to handle objections, how to upsell clients and so much more!


Kat has over 30 years of marketing, advertising, and sales experience training and coaching hundreds of marketing and advertising consultants help thousands of businesses Stand Out and Grow!


She will hold your hand and walk you through the proper marketing process so you can close more business.

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There are over 28 Million Small Businesses in the US!

There are over 540,000 New Businesses Every Month!

Over 80% of Businesses Don't advertise at ALL!

50% Of Businesses Fail in 1 Year

95% Of Businesses will Fail within 5 Years

What are you doing to survive? What are you doing to Grow Your Business?

Stand Out & Grow Podcast

The Top-Ranked, Stand Out & Grow Podcast

Kat's Podcast takes you to step by step exactly how to grow your business for success.

With featured guests, detailed execution plans, and gritty, actionable insights pumping through your earbuds, the Stand-Out & Grow podcast has earned its spot as *can’t miss* listening for hundreds of results-driven entrepreneurs like you.

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If you are just starting a small business or looking to take your business to the next level, Kat and her team are there to help.


You Got This!

Need a Speaker At Your Event?

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I just wanted to say what a GREAT company adBidtise is! As a new business owner, I had no idea where to start or what would work for my advertising campaign. This was such a new experience for me, I felt like a fish out of water. I met Katherine to go over a plan of action and she has been AMAZING!! She is so helpful, knowledgeable and really cares about entrepreneur's and it shows. To this day she is still checking in on me and giving me ideas and wonderful workshops to attend. I am so thankful that I had the honor of working with this awesome company. Thank you so much, Katherine, for all you do and continue to do for "Bar Stars Bartending!" I would highly recommend you (and do) to anyone looking for advertising help in their business!

Janine Rajchel, Owner Bar Stars Bartending

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We offer White Label programs to help your business grow. We have lots of marketing programs that will allow you to have more revenue streams. Book your free consultation today to learn more.

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